Gonzo Bible — King James Bible with HST Gonzo symbol, shipped from Owl Farm. (The Image is the inspiration, not actual product) actual photo to come

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Donald Trump gave Owl Farm an excellent idea for how to help fund the "Operation Owl Farm Election Season Recording Studio 2024"… The answer is a Gonzo Bible, of course. You’ll receive a beautiful copy of the King James Bible with Hunter’s Gonzo Symbol on the cover, and photocopies of some of Hunter’s notes from his own copy of the King James Bible, along with some of his other notes to inspire your good humor and political spirit. Hunter loved the book of Revelation and quoted it often. He thanked the Gideon society for putting a bible in every hotel room, and he also included the Gideons on his honor roll.  

Thank you for supporting Owl Farm. This is actually a pre-order. The Bibles will arrive next week, and will be shipped out a few days later, once the loving adornments are added by our team of elves here at Owl Farm. Thank you for supporting our way of participating in democracy, by helping us prepare the main house recording studio with your purchase of the Gonzo Good Book.