About Us

Hunter S. Thompson started this store with his wife at the turn of the century because he loved the Gonzo symbol that he created to allow kindred spirits recognize one another around the globe. "We" is the most important word in politics. The Gonzo Symbol that he spent time to trademark, protect & elaborate on so that future generations could find one another is the cornerstone of our mission. Hunter S. Thompson's signature bold style, the collections, the shotgun art & the rare memorabilia & books are all part of this store. If you look closely in HST photographs, you'll see he also loved the jewelry as much as anything else. So, the team he & his wife built still grows today & we are proud to have smart, forward thinking Gonzo family staff working for you. Owl Farm, Hunter's fortified compound in Woody Creek, where Anita still lives, is where the items are stored, created or shipped from. The  famous shooting range where he taught Anita the proper Gonzo shotgun art techniques, is still active, & is where she passes on the knowledge to resident artists. It is the only place to achieve authentic Gonzo shotgun art. Owl Farm in its entirety, is the epicenter of all things Gonzo, where 100% of the profits of all sales go to The Owl Farm Trust and The Gonzo Foundation. Thank you for keeping Hunter's spirit alive at the actual home of Gonzo.