Original Limited Edition Hunter S. Thompson Memorial Print by Ralph Steadman - signed and numbered

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Hunter S. Thompson's Memorial Print, signed by Ralph Steadman and friends 

These are the last of the Hunter S. Thompson memorial original prints. Ralph Steadman arranged for the prints to be hand screened in Kentucky to have Hunter’s Thompson's close friends & family sign each of the prints for the purpose of supporting Owl Farm. They were signed by this following — and we give thanks to Kurt Vonnegut and Ed Bradley for signing these pieces (who have since passed away). This is a tribute to Hunter, and all our loved ones on the other side. 

Each are signed by Ralph Steadman, the late Kurt Vonnegut, the late Ed Bradley, Bill Murray, Johnny Depp, Benecio Del Toro, Jann Wenner, Douglas Brinkley, Anita Thompson, Juan Thompson, Deborah Fuller (Hunter S. Thompson’s friend and secretary), and Laila Nabulsi (Hunter S. Thompson’s friend and producer of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas film). Each print comes with a letter of provenance by his wife, Anita Thompson and a certificate of authenticity. 

Please email us at info@gonzonation.org with any questions. Thank you!