The Ruby Tuesday Classic Gonzo Pendant: Sterling Silver

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Hunter S. Thompson's Gonzo pendant is back by popular demand, now with a Ruby Center stone in place of silver peyote button. Hunter S. Thompson's original label pin that these pendants are based on had a Ruby center, hence the "Ruby Tuesday" 

There are two sizes. This smaller pendant is great for those looking to keep a part of Hunter's legacy with you always, just as Hunter's beloved Johnny Depp still wears his every day. This pendant is inspired by Hunter's original Gonzo lapel pin. There were three made at the time, one for Hunter S. Thompson with a red ruby for the peyote button. The other two were made for Hunter's friends Sean Penn and Benicio Del Toro. 

-Solid sterling silver with Diamond cut Ruby center.

-Weighs half an ounce

-Comes with a metal chain and box.

-1.45 inches long

-Perfect for men or women