Gonzo Lapel Pin

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Limited edition. Discovered recently from the original Gonzo Store boxes in the Owl Farm basement. 

This lapel pin was molded from the original pin that was made by Hunter's wife as a gift in 2002. After Hunter died, Johnny Depp asked to wear it and Anita happily agreed. He then wore it proudly at the Oscars to honor Hunter's memory. Many people were touched by that act and it has become a symbol of that love. 

This lapel pin is great for those of you looking to keep a part of Hunter's legacy with you always. There were three made at the time, one for Hunter with a red ruby for the peyote button. The other two were made for Hunter's homies Sean Penn and Benicio Del Toro.

-Gold plated 

-Individually numbered with unique numbers 

-1.5 inches

-Perfect for men or women